Suffix introduction for distance learning


I am finding some aspects of online teaching challenging, one particular situation is the teaching of affixes. Generally, my process is this, I show the student a card with the affix on it, I explain any meanings or generalizations, I next show them a list of words to read and then dictate a few. In my next lesson, I will have them read more words and dictate more of those concepts. However, now, my students don't have access to all my word books, which means scanning, document cameras, and time wasted.  This pdf contains 37 suffixes and word endings I feel we see most frequently. I use many word books including the Sonday System 2 workbook, this presentation follows their order of introduction along with a few additional suffixes. 

Each slide contains the affix, a meaning if applicable, and a short word list. I have also attached a spreadsheet with the scope and sequence and teacher notes.

Many of these word lists can be found in my workbook, More Words!

I hope this makes your lessons a bit easier. Please leave a comment if you found this helpful!