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-ch or -tch, which witch?

/ch/ -tch after a short vowel  Don’t you love that we have a pattern that is so simple to follow?  Yes, but people ask me, what about much and sandwich?  Let’s take a look at the historical aspects of these...

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Is it ee or ea?

  and other facts you didn’t know you needed to know! The question of when to use these two spellings of /ē/ is never-ending. Why do we have two so closely related spellings of /ē/? These two spellings of /ē/ are...

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/k/ can be tricky!

  Let’s talk about these three spellings of /k/. When do we use <c> and <k>, and what is the pattern followed for <ck>? Do you struggle with what to tell your students when they ask, “Should I use a...

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Why are there two ways to write /w/?

Why are there two ways to write /w/? Is that a <w> or <wh>? How often have you heard that from your student? How do you explain the difference? Do they really sound different? Let’s take a deep dive into...

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