How to Introduce Suffixes

In this video, I will chat with you about what syllables are, how they are used and what I am using to introduce them now that we are teaching online.

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Lizz Kahnke - March 18, 2023

Hi Pam! I just listened to your prefix, suffix, and schwa presentations and found them very helpful.

You had mentioned in the suffix presentation that dyslexic students often have difficulty identifying stressed/unstressed syllables. Also, I believe you mentioned research about dyslexic individuals and music. Any more info you have on these topics would be great. Please keep producing these mini lectures. They are very helpful! Thanks!!
Laughing Ogre Press replied:
Hi Liz, Thanks for watching the presentations! yes, I do have a few links to studies. You will find them in this blog post on syllable accents! Pam

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