What is schwa?

What is schwa?

I will cover the basic facts about schwa, making it easy for you to help your students! Did you learn anything about schwa you didn't already know?

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Kelly - March 5, 2023

Thank you so much for taking time to make this video and sharing it with everyone. I am new to teaching OG and love it when I stumble upon a great resource like this.


pam - March 5, 2023

This is a nice, concise overview of schwa and stress timing. It will provide a good jumping off point in working with my trainees.

Karen Sonday

pam - March 5, 2023

Clear, Concise explanation of schwa
I loved the inclusion of the function words. The examples in multisyllable words with the three types of schwa were great. Syllable accents is sometimes chal…

– Robin Rovick on What is schwa?

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